I would like to buy some balloons.

A packet of balloons or just a few?

A few packets, please.

We have a few, let me show you. We have these …

I don’t want heart-shaped ones.

… and these …

These look like snakes, I am looking for round ones.

Okay, here are some round ones.

But this one says, ‘Merry Christmas’, it is almost the end of January.

How about these then?

They say ‘Happy Birthday’.  I want these for a non-Christmas, non-Birthday event.

I don’t know why these are not suitable.  They are big and bright.  When is your function?

Tomorrow evening.

Is it going to be held inside or outside?


So, it will be dark and no one will be able to see what it says on the balloons, then.

But, it’s not going to be dark when the event starts.  And that is not the point, is it? It is just not appropriate to use ‘Happy Birthday’ balloons for an event that is not a Birthday.

Okay let me check on what we have open.  (Comes back in a few seconds) You are in luck, I found some for you.

But, these are the same Merry Christmas balloons you just showed me.

No, sir, they are not. These are not in a packet, so I can give them to you a bit cheaper.

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