Preview of coming attractions – irandam bagam

Appa, look. An ant-house.

Aamam, lovely. Actually, it is an ant-HILL.

Correct.  But, you can also call it an ant-house.

Illaida, kanna.  Ant-hill is the correct term.

amma and anna told me that you can also call it an ant-house.

I see.

Sometimes you can say ant-hills.  Sometimes you can say ant-houses.

I see.

Do you know?  The ant-house is full of antelopes. They are always running here and there carrying food.

You mean, ants?

You can also call them antelopes.

Illai’ma, antelopes are like deer.  You see these blackbucks here?  They are antelopes.  Antelopes are big, and you can’t fit them inside ant-hills.  But, ants are the tiny things that you see around the house, and some types of ants live in these ant-hills.

Correct, appa.  Antelopes cannot live in ant-houses.  Only ants live in ant-houses.


Sometimes you can also call antelopes ants.


Can Surya live in ant-houses?

Which Surya?

appa, my favourite actor, you don’t even know this?

Oh, that Surya.  Why does he want to live in an ant-hill?

You said he is very small, no?  Remember, you said he only looks big on the computer, he is kuttikoondu.

He is not that small, kutti.

So he is big?

Not really.

appa, ayyo, you said he is not small, that means he is big, no? Silly appa.

He is medium-size.

oh? ok, he is medium-size.


He is the best guy in the whole world.

What? I thought I was the best guy in the whole world.

Yes, but Surya is the very very best guy in the whole world.

And anna?

He and you are both best guy in the whole world.

And Surya is …

… the very very best guy in the whole world.

Thanks, that really takes some pressure off.

Enna sonna?

Nothing. If Surya is the very very best guy in the whole world, I really hope he can make you stop sucking on your thumb.  It looks like something the best guy in the whole world cannot do, but maybe the very very best can.

appa, you are so silly. (whispers)  Surya is not real, he is only real inside the Youtube.

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10 Comments on “Preview of coming attractions – irandam bagam”

  1. Shiva Says:


    • deshvaasi Says:

      All credit to Manu, she comes with this stuff as a matter of routine. I just need to type it up. 🙂

  2. Madhav Says:

    Funny but seems very logical to me :0

    • deshvaasi Says:

      Can’t agree more with you. Things are very clear at that age, it seems. A set of rules, applied with far less bias than by adults means that she comes across as the more logical one. Seriously, why NOT ant-house?

  3. Balki Says:

    “Surya is not real, he’s only real inside the YouTube”. Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings, as they say. If at this tender age she can figure out such a profound truth about life in this wonderland of ours, I see a great future ahead for her. Keep it up, little one, and continue to straighten out the flawed logic of the adults around you!

  4. sairam Says:

    that was cool and intelligent… gen z. i’m collaborating with one too 🙂

    • deshvaasi Says:

      Sometimes it is a bit daunting to think we are responsible for ‘moulding’ their minds, my friend. What if we kill the parts that need nurturing and retain the parts that need to go? Sort of like that joke about Bernard Shaw and the actress.

  5. Kalyan Says:

    Shanksu, this is awesome stuff from Manu. ROFL

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