Shame, Shame, Puppy Shame

Of late, number of pseudo-science nonsense talks on campus, aided and abetted by eminent Profs has increased.  Two samples below.  And, if this is what a premier S&T Institute of our country does, anyone still wonder why our country cannot produce any good science or technology breakthroughs?  Depressing, makes me want to scream.


EML Team 2012-’13, IIT Madras

An Extra Mural Lecture
Dr. A.B. Sudhakara Sastry
 Chairman SRIVT
Vedic Sciences: A Treasure waiting for YOU
Wednesday, 14th November 2012 at 6 PM
IC&SR Main Auditorium
Vedic science, based on the Vedas (the oldest holy texts of the Hindu religion) is a great treasure of knowledge. It is a fact that works which can shed light on the ancient treasure troves of technology do not find a due place in the portals of modern mainstream academic and industrial institutions in India. It is heartening to note that during the recent years, there has been a change in this stand and there is a willingness to explore avenues for collaborative effort between the adherents to the paths of Vedic and mainstream sciences. It is only the joint endeavour of Vedic scientists and mainstream intellectuals, willing to work beyond the narrow borders of their own specializations that can help the transmission of ancient knowledge for universal benefit.
Dr. Amanchi Balasudhakara Sastry, is a prolific writer and authored several books on Astrology, Gemology, Scientific meaning totradit ions, rites and rituals, etc. Baradwaja Vymanika Sastra Pariskaram authored by Dr. Sastry is the first literary work in the series of Vedic wisdom. As the Chairman of Srimaharshi Research Institute of Vedic Technologies (SRIVT), his ambition and mission in life is to awaken and enliven the sleeping youth and pass on to them the invaluable heritage of Vedic wisdom and legacy handed down by ancient sages and Vedic gurus and mould this treasure of knowledge for the universal welfare. His work on nano copper using Vedic knowledge has been recognized recently with Indian Innovation Initiative (i3) Award for 2011 by the Department of Science & Technology,Government of India and CII among 850 entries from all over India. More about the scientific research done by SRIVT can be found here


{Edit, 14/11/12: Removed reference to Dr. CS Yogananda’s talk; on second thought, this doesn’t belong in the same category as the other two}

There was another by Dr. N Gopalakrishnan in August.  His video on Youtube along with rebuttal from Nirmukta:

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8 Comments on “Shame, Shame, Puppy Shame”

  1. Srini Chada Says:

    Sankara, you are in the minority in India. Highly educated and skilled doctors talk about ‘god willing’ while treating patients. If it is all god-willing then why even go to them. I know, they will quote the Gita or some thing similar saying you need to do your part. What is my part I ask, going to teh doctor or joining the rat race. It seems Indian gods (for that matter all gods) seem to side with the corrupt and mighty. Well, the poor can leave in God’s hands. God-willing you will be cured of your sense of decency to educate and join the crowd for a easier life:-)

    • deshvaasi Says:

      Shame on you, sir, typing all this stuff on a Vedic Computer and posting to the Vedic Internet, all the while mocking the Vedas and God. Surely, you are going straight to Vedic Hell.

  2. ObsessiveTruthSeeker Says:

    Talk by N.Gopalakrishnan was not a EML.

    • deshvaasi Says:

      And your point is?

      • ObsessiveTruthSeeker Says:

        Fact. I’m not rebutting anything else.

      • deshvaasi Says:

        I never claimed it was an EML. “Another” refers to another talk, not another EML. If you look at the beginning of the post, it says ‘number of pseudo-science nonsense talks’ not ‘number of pseudo-science nonsense EMLs’, so clearly, there is no intention to call everything an EML.

  3. Eggone Says:

    What a phenomenal display of rigidity & arrogance from you IIT’ans. And this, at a time when all types of human pursuit – arts, sciences, common sense, anecdotes, wisdoms etc are all mashing up together at incredible speeds to produce higher & deeper experiences for all of mankind.

    But it’s understandable how you fellows jumped on him, given that the very tenets of your existence & self-image of superiority are under threat. Like how anything not (yet) mainstream is attacked.

    And sad. You are the so-called most curious & brightest minds of India? Shame. What is it with you? How hard was it to understand that the presentation was an overview – a broad, broad, broad intro of sorts – and a beseechment to just start looking at those texts being uncovered?

    No wonder you guys are only good enough to grow someone else’s garden. Good luck & happy slaving.

    • deshvaasi Says:

      To you, it’s arrogance and rigidity; to us, it is doing our job and making sure charlatans are exposed for what they are.

      Many thanks for not bothering to understand the nuances of what is being argued and hiding under the usual chestnut about us attacking anything not mainstream. And a big wow on the generalizations and all that stuff about us slaving and whatever it is about growing someone else’s garden (do you even know what I do for a living?). Not sure who is arrogant here, Egg.


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