Emosanal Atyachar

If a part of my body sticks out into outer space, what happens?

It says here that Mandela went to prison in 1964 and came out in 1990.  How long was he in prison?

Hmm, 30 years

Are you guessing?


You should be embarrassed, didn’t they teach you subtraction yet?

Oh, subtraction’a, why didn’t you say so? Then, it is … 26 years. Wow! I can’t believe anyone would want to be in prison for 26 years.

Well, they don’t usually have a choice.

Must be boring, no computer, no TV, no books.

They may give you books.

But, they will be classics, like Little Women or something.

What’s wrong with Little Women? It’s one of Amma’s favourites.

Aw, Puke, Puke!

One -hundred-and-sixty-five, one-hundred-and-sixty-six, one-hundred-and-sixty-seven.  Appa!  I counted them, we have one hundred and sixty seven paper clips.

But you started from one-hundred-and-one.

Yes, Appa, I started from one-hundred-and-one and finished at one-hundred-and-sixty-seven, so I have one hundred and sixty seven clips

If you started from one-hundred-and-one, you have only sixty seven clips.


Illaima, you should start counting from 1, then …

I don’t care of it.  Why should I always listen to you?  You are always right only, no?

Yo, what’s the hurry?  Why grow up so fast? You were this little bundle just a while back and now, you are already up to my chest.

Appa, I am eating all my vegetables.  You only said, no? if I eat my vegetables, I will grow fast.  Do you want me to stop eating my vegetables?

Hmm, maybe you should feed you a little less.  Before we know it, you are going to be in college, and you will leave me and Amma to sit in an empty house

Appa, …

What will we do then?

Appa, don’t worry, by then you will be really old and die.

Appa, see what I drew.  And I spelled them too. S-U-N, … F-L-A-G, … D-O-N-U-T

That’s great’ma.  Cool drawings, what’s that? Sprinkles on the doughnut also’aa? Really beautiful!

Aaama’pa, there is also jam on the donut, so I can get my fruit.

Hmm.  You have spelled sun and flag correctly.

Also donut.

Actually, doughnut is ‘D-O-U-G-H-N-U-T’.  Not, ‘D-O-N-U-T’.

Gee’aa? There’s no Gee-guh-God  or Hetch-huh-hat in donut.  Your spelling is not correct.

Yes, there is no Gee-guh-God or Aitch-huh-hat in doughnut, but they are silent.

Are you saying that those people  in Africa are wrong?

Which people?

The ones in Africa that made the donut.


Are you saying that people in Africa don’t make donuts?

No’ma, I didn’t say anything like that, I was just thinking …

Why? People in Africa also like donuts. I am just going to erase all these pictures, you don’t like them, no?

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7 Comments on “Emosanal Atyachar”

  1. psriblog Says:

    Parenting….they should have taught it in iit

  2. I can almost picture these conversations with you. Beautifully captured.

  3. Madhav Says:

    Good ones! Atyachar only.

  4. Kalyan Says:

    This is lovely stuff. Can relate to a lot of stuff. This morning for instance, kids go, why did you come back from the US? So that you can be near your parents when they die, ah? What can I say? 🙂

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