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January 13, 2010

The TamilNadu government is asking female teachers to not wear ‘fashionably cut’ blouses.  In a move to pacify the ladies, male teachers have also been asked to desist from wearing clothes that are ‘too casual’.  I don’t know what might have prompted this move, but it is widely speculated that teachers have been seen wearing undrawyers [1] to class.  

I think they should just say ‘Bunny-suits and balaclavas for all’.  Enough pussyfooting, dammit!  We can’t take our kids’ education lightly.  Our schools suck primarily because of the excessive amount of skin visible in the classrooms, and we absolutely need to put an end to this.  

In other news, in a new definition of irony, a bunch of leading lights of the cine industry, as they like to call it, have called on the TamilNadu Chief Minister to crack down on piracy.  Cuts badly when other people take your baby and make money off it, yeah?  Here is an excerpt from the link: 

Padmashree Kamal Haasan came up with a convincing speech that the public must be made aware- the funds raised through pirated videos are donated for terror attacks. People must think about this twice before purchasing them. 

Aw, come on, KH.  Why cho dramatic, with the terror angle and all?  For all that we know, the DVD-pirate has a sick mother who needs surgery.  Or he might be the lone bread-winner charged with marrying off three sisters and making a doctor out of the youngest brother.  You steal proven ideas, this guy steals finished products.  Same difference.  Actually, not quite.  You make millions, he makes pennies. 

In fact, he might have been inspired by how you stole antiques in ‘Guru’ back in the day and also got to dance with Sridevi in the process.  I will admit that your crimes lead to more entertaining results.  Just the ever-changing fake English accent is worth the price of admission: ‘Inspectozh Mozhzhis, I don’t have the time to explain the Buttezhfly effect to you.  Thezh is a big nucleazh bomb — anu gundu, you know what I mean — hidden inside that state-of-the-art C4 Czech plastic explosive shaped like a coconut.’

I don’t know what you say … I don’t know don’t know what you say (from Ek Duje Ki Liye for the uninitiated)

And for those of us who present at conferences and such, some health advice from Mita Bhan, self-professed Tarot reader and crystal healer (one more reason to read ToI): 

Q: How can we avoid stress during conference meetings (work environment) or when being in public places (parties,exhibitions) caused by people asking irrelevant or personal questions? 

Ans: All presentations, meetings especially public ones have stress connected with it, and the probability of people asking all kinds of questions is high regardless of the situation. The trick lies in being prepared before hand to keep time aside for these unavoidable people and practice deep breathing before going on stage. In terms of stress relief for yourself I’d recommend amethyst which should absorb your anxiety at being confronted with the unexpected. Remember, when presenting to any kind of audience, expect the unexpected. Good Luck. 

But, Mitaji, I am getting really stressed out because my amethyst is asking irrelevant and personal questions.  What should I do?

Happy Pongal!

1. From a blog I can’t find anymore: “So now you don’t know what an undrawer is, I suppose? Its pronounced ‘un-draa-yer’ and is the epitome of fashion down south. It consists of a pair of shorts which are usually in a virulent green color, with stripes running down them, in as contrasting a color as possible ( usually dark blue). These come down to your knees and serve a variety of purposes. Right from hiding AK-47’s to carrying your travel documents (imagine going to JFK airport, lifting your dhoti and pulling out your passport from your undrawer! James Bond couldn’t be more suave), to revealing your shapely legs. Fashion and utility in one stroke, not to mention how airy they are. The point to notice is that your ‘veshti’ should always be worn folded above the undrawer”.