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Pooja Darling

November 6, 2009

‘1.2 bn people praying for me should work’ screams the Chennai Times headline.  The quotable quote is from Ms. Pooja Chopra, the Pantaloon Femina Miss India 2009, who will be representing India at the Miss World Pageant in South Africa.  Pooja intends to promote India in every possible manner, claims CT.  Says Ms. Pooja:

If anyone asks me whether India is a country of snake-charmers or claims to know India from ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, I will correct their facts and figures.  I will stand by my nation and tell them that we have people like A. R. Rahman, Sachin Tendulkar, Amithabh Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who are all global icons.

Once again, I wish I could make this up.  On Googling, I was thrilled to find out that Ms. PC has a blog.  And, what a blog she has!  One post begins with the line

honestly…trust me at d moment i feel lik a mixed bag of emotions..literally!!,

What a coinkidenk!  Several times in my life, I have also felt lik that.  All I can say is that I have found my muse.  Another entry starts off like so:

Hi all , firstly thank you for reading my blogs and also taking all the time to comment .

Hi PD, you are firstly very welcome.  Secondly, reading your blog makes me sing, dance, and do somersaults without touching the ground.  So, the pleasure is entirely mine. 

Believe me love reading what ur views n opinions are..

I got a little carried away and thought you were addressing me as ‘love’.  Giddy with excitement from this romantic interlude in my boring mid-life, I took a print-out of this line and tucked it into my boxers for quick reference.  Unfortunately, noticing my non-stop giggling, my wife busted my ass and also set me straight as to what you meant.  Believe me you, we love reading what you write too, because you clearly are an awesome communicator and a punctuator like the world has probably not seen before.  Perhaps your pageant coach told you to lay off commas and semi-colons in addition to those ice-creams, yeah?  

But today m not writing what i feel cuz trust me at this moment m plain and simply nervous.Yes m sorry but i accept i agree ,being a 23year old and knowing the fact that in 2months time ill be representing my COUNTRY ,YES ! EXACTLY MY COUNTRY meaning a billion of people, their hopes their exprectation.

Reading this breathtaking passage, I thought so ki 

  1. ‘m’ and ‘ill’ are spies working for the CIA and you are protecting their identities;
  2. you are sending Sherlock Holmes a telegram that only he would understand;
  3. you live in a country called ‘YES’

Thankfully, my hip sister told me that this is SMS-english and that you seem to be a particularly fantastic exponent of this fine art.  But me cho confoozed; since you are not really SMS-ing, why use SMS-English here, Pooja?  Do you have to pay for your blog by the letter?

However, being a good sport and all, let me give this SMS-English a try.  My son loves m n m’s.  How’s that? What, you say that’s not SMS-English, that is what those things are really called?  Dammit, this SMS-English is harder than I thought.  I am sure with some practice and the prayers of a billion of YES’s people, I will be able to fill up half of my blog with 1-letter words.  Let’s continue.

afterall all my other frdz my age are still studing or working and here ill be representing my country on the world platform !

I am glad to know that all your frdz are studing, but please ask them to be responsible and use protection.  There are just too many diseases these days and studing is way riskier than it used to be.  Haha aside, I can see your point, though.  Why y and i? 1 shd b nuf.  See, I told you, I feel like half of the YES-men and YES-women are already behind me.  Pooja dear, please  do make sure nobody spits on ill from passing trains while ill is standing on the world platform.   

i m jittery !, as funny as it may sound i usually chaeck my blog comments when m a little a request this time along with ur blessings i would just like you to post a message for me, it could be an encouraging or a motivating one , an advice , a suggestion…just about anything.. but yes it has to come straight from ur heart !..

I feel that since my SMS-english skills are not nearly as good as yours, I will only embarrass myself by posting on your blog.  So here are two messages that come to you straight from the bottom of my heart-of-hearts:

  1. a spell-chaeck would be nice, and
  2. please allow a rabid dog to drool all over your keyboard.

On second thought, hold the dog. What am I saying?  I want my muse to type more, not less.  Wish you all the best in South Africa.  I hope you do win, and tell all of YES everything about the victory.